Knowledge Transfer

Activity emphasis

Information management

“Information management” means for us knowledgeboth: the strategic aspect of the information supply and usage as well as the employment of information systems and the provision of the necessary technical and organizational infrastructure. Research projects in this area focus on technical aspects. Emphasis is laid on the use of international standards, e.g. within the range of the meta data, ontology or interoperable information systems.

Medical informatics

Research focuses on how medical 3D visualizations and flow analyses based on web-based solutions can be made available to medical specialists online and with reasonable effort . Application possibilities are elaborated for: Mesh generation, CFD simulation and validation of CFD simulations. In this context, questions of the integration of new technical diagnostic procedures into the workflow of clinical treatment paths and the use of 3D modelling and 3D printing are also being discussed.

Cultural heritage informatics

The main focus of the transfer activity is set in the cultural heritage field (museums, libraries, archives, galleries, etc.).

To date cultural heritage institutions are looking for stronger and more efficient modern information systems for data archiving and processing. These will allow the museum employees and visitors to substantially faster access the searched information. Virtual presentation of collections and personalized tours move into the centre of the research activity. Digitisation and cross-linking of distributed digital archives, investigation of the value chain of digital services, as well as the cooperative production of digital products are further topics within the knowledge transfer activity. Apart from the technical field also the new ways for establishing partnerships and scientific networks become the subject of the scientific discourse.

Steinbeis is sponsor and co-organizing partner of the Austrian conference “Digitale Bibliothek” (Digital Library).

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